Soup Paper Cup: Is It Safe for Us?

Author : Fiona
Update time : 2023-11-21 15:38:22
Must be some people are not able to get away from the soup, some people are accustomed to drinking a bowl of soup before meals, usually at home you will choose the soup pot and soup ladle, but if it is outside or catering, disposable paper soup cups are more cost-effective and practical. But this disposable soup cups in the end on the human health have no effect? Today let's talk about this topic.

Paper Soup Cup: White Cardboard and Kraft

Most of the paper soup cups on the market are made of kraft paper and white cardboard, both of which are good choices! Made with environmentally friendly food-grade paper, this disposable paper soup cups are used guilt-freely and recyclable. Each paper soup cup is produced from durable paperboard with a double coating to prevent leakage. Stackable and sturdy, great for travel and storing food. Perfect for medium-sized desserts and a variety of appetizers, breakfast cereals and more. Ideal for storing desserts, side salads, cereals, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, parties or takeaway services at restaurants.


In order to prevent water penetration, disposable paper cups are usually coated with a thin layer of wax on the inner wall. As we all know, wax will dissolve when it gets hot. If the temperature of the water exceeds 40℃, this layer of wax will dissolve away. Some people will use waxed paper cups to drink hot water, which is actually very dangerous. If the temperature of the drink is too high, the paraffin wax on the inner wall of the paper cups will dissolve, and the paper cups will absorb water and deform. For paper soup cups, it can hold hot drinks or food, but can not withstand the high temperature of the microwave oven. This is the case with all the soup cups currently on the market, so care must be taken not to heat them up in the microwave.

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