Cheap pizza boxes have some weird little designs

Author : Jeff Manion
Update time : 2021-08-31 16:58:04
  Cheap pizza boxes seem like the best way to save money. Pizza is spread from Italy, because the taste is very unique, so it has been very popular with the public, but also a variety of flavors. Some people like to enjoy it in a restaurant with their friends, while most people prefer to take it home and enjoy it with friends and family.
  cheap pizza boxes
  In recent years, the rise of the take-out industry has been a blessing for many young people. It is very convenient to order food at home, whether eating alone or having a party, and pizza is a food with a high frequency of ordering in take-out. With the popularity of pizza, the standard of pizza boxes has been raised, especially for the material.
  Use square pizza boxes
  Our most common pizza boxes are square, but most pizzas are actually round. In fact, there are many shapes of pizza, such as square, triangle, half moon, heart, boat shape and so on. A lot of people ask, why is the shape of the box different from the pizza? Mainly because square pizza boxes have the following advantages.
  1.Reduce costs
  As a kind of fast food, packaging is designed for practical purposes, that is, cheap and convenient, so is pizza box. The manufacturer's box only needs a piece of cardboard, which is cut and folded, reducing production costs. A round box requires at least two parts -- the base and the lid, and it is also more difficult to bend the circle.
  2. Fast packing
  In areas where pizza is a staple food, businesses receive many orders every minute, and to avoid long waits for customers, packing must be done quickly, with square boxes simply folded along creases.
  3.Stable placement
  The stack of square boxes is more stable than round boxes and can be placed next to each other. Fast food will not sneak away on the way of delivery. It has also been suggested that it is easier to eat rounded food in square containers, leaving gaps at the corners.
  The 'little table' inside a takeout pizza box
  Pizza is usually served in a large flat box, which not only holds the shape of the pizza, but is also easy to store. But if you've noticed, every time you open a pizza box, there's a little round stool in the middle. So what's the use of the "little table" in the middle of the pizza?
  1. Fix the pizza
  The gadget is a symbol of the meticulous service inside the pizzeria -- it's no secret that when you pack your own pizza from the restaurant or order it to be delivered, there's always the problem of bumping into it and getting the ingredients onto the box. In order to solve this problem, the company came up with a way to put a small table in the middle of the pizza to hold it in place. This thing is a pizza rack. With this, the pizza can be pinned to the bottom of the box, no matter how it is bumped in a short period of time, preventing the pizza from moving too much in the box and damaging the shape.
  2.Prevent pizza from sticking to the lid
  The pizza is topped with toppings and cheese, which in the past could easily get stuck to the lid of the carton during transportation, affecting the aesthetics of the pizza. So the original pizzerias came up with this idea, and they had this little mechanism inside, where the top surface would push against the lid while it was being shipped, and the bottom would hold the pizza in place. As long as you don't shake the pizza box hard, it won't stick to the lid.
  3.Brand promotion
  Later, as time goes on, this "little organ" is constantly evolving. Bigger brands print their own logos on them, or even create their own style. Such a recognizable mechanism can not only play a role of fixed packaging, but also indirectly to their own publicity.

  Different designs of pizza boxes give consumers the feeling is not the same, a unique design, safe materials pizza packaging box can better reflect the grade of pizza, but also let our pizza products in the takeout market to show excellent quality. For the sake of environmental health, food safety and long-term development of the enterprise, on the basis of considering the cost, in addition to cheap pizza boxes, we also choose high-quality cardboard pizza boxes. Hyde provides professional and comprehensive paper packaging design scheme, welcome to consult.

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